• Hot Air Balloon Flights

    The anticipation of your balloon flight will be something that you will enjoy almost as much as the actual event. Once you have scheduled your hot air balloon ride, you will be given directions to the location where you will begin your flight.

    When you arrive, your experience begins with the excitement of inflating the hot air balloon. This is a great time to take some pictures, so be sure to bring your camera! Once the crew has the balloon properly inflated, they will perform the necessary safety checks, and you will then begin your journey into the skies!

    You will ascend into the heavens and serenely float through the air while enjoying breathtaking views. Most passengers marvel at the peaceful beauty that will surround you. Flight times vary according to weather & wind conditions, but will usually last about an hour. However, the experience does not end when you land. Afterwards, you will be invited to join in a traditional champagne or juice toast. Be prepared to savor every glorious moment!

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